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The Best of October’s Wildlife Sightings.

With an average temperature in the high 30s together with some brief rainfall at the start of the month, the Hwange National Park turned a quick lush green and provided us with some incredible and heart-pounding sightings.


The buffaloes tend to reign the supreme here at Deteema. Watch as hundreds of them make their way past one of our rooms – a lovely sighting to wake up to after your mid-day snooze.

Elephants and Giraffe

It is always a pleasant sighting when you have elephants drinking and bathing at the local waterhole. What really made this one special is that a journey of 17 giraffe joined in on the fun – watch how they all make their way over the dam wall.

Impala, Cheetah and Wild Dogs

We were still sipping on our pre-drive morning coffee when our resident herd of impala took off running, we couldn’t understand what had happened until a cheetah bolted out and covered the gap between them. Sadly, it was not meant to be as the impala got the better of him. What a rush.

The impala really had it coming for them that day as soon after the near miss with the cheetah, they had a pack of wild dogs hot on their heels.

One female impala that got singled out but decided to outwit the dogs and boy did she do it in style. She jumped over the small wall at camp and took refuge in the main area and found herself on the deck. Unable to walk, all she could do was stumble and fall about with the once again unlucky wild dogs watching from the other side.

Bat Eared Fox

Finding these little creatures is by far one of the most exciting sightings for us here at Deteema. We sometimes catch ourselves watching them for hours and it’s magical each time. Hopefully, these new members of the Deteema Springs family will stay a little longer.

Located not even 200m away from camp, this pair are always seen
outside their den and are very eager to pose for photos. Just this morning l finally got a glimpse of the three baby foxes.

This sighting is extremely rare, but at Deteema we occasionally have the privilege to see them. The perfect way to highlight this month!

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